Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Rao's Easy English Grammar

  1. What are nouns? They are naming words. 
  2.  Referring to: persons,places,living and non-living things and sometimes feelings and emotions
  3. .How can they be classified?
  4. as Proper Nouns: Name of a person: Abraham Lincoln
  5. Name of a place: Washington.
  6. Name of a thing: Statue of Liberty.
  7. Name of  a lake: Lake Superior.
  8. Remember: All these words start with a capital letter.
  9. As Common nouns:Jeans,spectacles,clothes, scissors they can be used only in plural forms.
  10. How can we divide common nouns?as countable nouns and uncountable nouns.
  11. Examples for countable nouns:fingers,hands,stars,flowers,
  12. uncountable nouns:milk,sugar, gold, air, sand
  13. Give examples for Abstract nouns; ideas, troubles.lies  which you cannot see or touch.
  14. Give examples for Concrete nouns: book,pencil,eraser, dog, man, building. you can touch or see.
  15. Give examples for collective nouns: school, gang,bunch, flock.
  16. Give examples for uncountable abstract nouns: love, hatred,kindness, darkness.
  17. to know more in detail: 
  18. refer:
  20. Find out for yourself:
  21. Milk- you can touch and see so ------------noun.
  22. building-         you can see and touch so----------noun.
  23. silver-              you can see and is a ----------noun and uncountable noun.
  24. iron  ----------------------------------noun.
  25. time-------------------noun.
  26. Make these words into abstract nouns:
  27. good,honest, real, short,deep, slave, enemy, friend, sister, king, using these suffixes. y,age, th, ery, ity, ship, hood.dom,ness 
  28. Luggage,furniture are always in plural.
  29. Examples for concrete nouns: beach, rain,shoulder, cathedral, people, world, food, watch, 
  30. Examples for abstract nouns: vacation, pleasant, happy,'pain, beauty, hunger, time, love, 
  31. Examples for Abstract nouns: purity, honesty, length,'brotherhood, friendship, patience, hatred, racism,
  32. is trousers singular or plural?
  33. is information singular or plural?
  34. Learn Singular and plural forms of all nouns.
  36. Try all these,if you need any help contact:
  38. Blessings and best wishes,

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