Monday, 21 May 2018

Hindi-English Easy to learnHi

  • Hindi-English Easy to learn.
  • myn I Hum we
  •  thoo you thum with little respect
  •  aap with more respect you
  • wo he wo she wo it 
  • Way they
  • yahan .idher here wahan wudher there,
  • Kahan kidher where.
  • Kown who?
  • Kiska whose?
  • kya? what which,
  • kyoon?why
  • kaisa how?
  • Myn yahan hoon I am here hoon(am)
  • Hum idher hein.we are here Hein plural
  • thoo kaisa hai? how are you (hai)
  • Thum kaiseh ho? how are you(ho) with  a little repect.
  • Aap kaiseh hein? how are you /sir/madam hein (with more respect and in plural
  • wo kya hai? what is that?wo that
  • yeh kyoon idher hai?kyoon why  yeh this
  • why is this here?
  • wo kidher hai?where is he? or where is she?or where is it?
  • Way sub keleh hein. sub all way they keleh banana hein are they are all bananas.
  • Way sub bachche hein. bachche boys children they are all children hein plural.
  • Sochnaa to think, dekhnaa to see.sunnna to hear, khaanaa to eat, gaanaa to sing, padnaa to read, sikhnaa to learn, chalna to move, chalana to drive to ride to make it move
  • bandh karna to close kholna to open
  • doondnaa to search  raknaa to keep rahnaa to stay to reside beajnaa to send bechnaa to sell khareedhnaa to buy 


Learn these first you will be able to proceed further.

.Blessings and best wishes.