Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Take this Name and get what you really want

  1. Govind Bolo and Shri Krishna Govind
  2. Listen and enjoy Govind.Gopal, Ganashyam  call by any name he will stand by you.
  3. A small story.
  4. A widowed mother had a small boy who was going to school after crossing a forest.
  5. Many children had to cross the forest to reach their school.
  6.  The boy was very much afraid to go alone all the way to the school. 
  7. He asked his mother what must he do.
  8. .She told him as soon as he reached the border call ""Gopala, Govinda"'  and 
  9.  the boy believed and trusted his mother and had so much faith in his mother,He did the same thing.
  10.  He called with sincerity "Gopala,Govinda" thrice. 
  11. A cowherd boy came to him and took him to cross the forest.
  12. He did the same while returning from school.
  13. Same cowherd boy came and brought him after crossing the forest. 
  14. The boy was happy so was the cowherd boy.This went on for some months.
  15.  One day the boy did not have his breakfast and was very hungry.
  16. Cowherd boy gave handful of butter to him.
  17. The boy wanted to have the butter even when he was coming back home.
  18. His mother asked him how he got the butter on his lips.
  19. He told the whole incident. His mother was wonderstruck,
  20. By mistake , she told this to all her neighbours.They all wanted to see the cowherd boy.
  21. The boy,next day called "Gopala.Govinda" No one came.
  22. The boy started crying. 
  23. He heard the voice of the cowherd boy.It said, " Do  not worry.hereafter. You can go alone and manage.If I think you need my help I will surely come ."
  24. The boy was very sorry to miss his dear friend,"Gopala.Govinda."
  25. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  26. What do you think of this story??

Monday, 17 September 2018

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