Monday, 29 October 2018


  9. - Many people experience knee pain during winters, for them, methi (fenugreek seeds) can be soaked overnight and consumed to relieve pain. - Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties; hence topical application of ginger oil as well as drinking ginger tea regularly can also help.
  10. All these are taken from Google search and if you have knee pain check from these links which are favourable for and can be easily done.
  11. All I want is the Relief of Knee pain for you.
  12. I will be too glad if you get better and lead a normal life.
  13. You can send in your suggestions,opinions to 
  15. For the benefit of all the brethren in the whole world.
  16. Thanks to Google,You Tube and Blogger for serving the world community.

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Saturday, 27 October 2018

Tooth Paste and tooth Brush

  1. Is it necessary to use tooth paste and tooth brush?
  2. Every day a new toothpaste is advertised in the channels.
  3. Which is the best toothpaste? 
  4. Which toothpaste and brush do you use?
  5. How many times in a day do you brush your teeth?
  6. How to take care of your teeth?
  7. Why do have bleeding gums?
  8. Which brand mouth wash do you use?
  9. How many times in a year do you visit dentist?
  10. Do you wear dentures?
  11. How do you take care of them?
  12. How many teeth did you have before extracting your tooth or teeth?
  13. How many do you have Now?
  14. Do you feel comfortable with your dentures?
  15. Is there any difference in speech when you had the real ones and now with your dentures?
  16. How do you feel when you have cavity and having your favourite ice-cream?
  17. Will clove oil/cloves give any relief? at least temporary
  18. Are there any pain relief  pills for tooth-ache?
  19. Have you tried

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Friday, 26 October 2018

How to start writing a Blog

  1. Do not go for a long topic.
  2. Write down all you can think at random about a particular subject.
  3. Do not worry now. Just jot down all main points.
  4. Ask your dear friends of the essay writing.
  6. Take one sample: cow or dog.
  7. Ask these questions one by one.Answer them
  8. you will get a few sentences.
  9. Arrange them in a logical order.
  10. Before you start take  a deep breath and tell yourself I can surely and certainly write a nice essay
  11. If you can get Wren and Martin grammar book with key.
  12. Practise it.See all the essays. read them loud.
  13. Every word is a flower, the sentence is the thread. you can make a garland and the knot is the verb,the action word.
  14. Writing comes by more practice.
  15. Start wearing a thinking Cap.
  16. Do not clutter your mind with other things.
  17. Concentrate on one topic .

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know more learn more understand for better

  • As long as you live in this world. as long as you breathe, with every breath, there is something going on developing in any corner of the world, we must go on knowing more not for showing off to others ,but to inform, if they like to hear and know more.
  • Each and every second, we go on learning new things which help us to lead a better and comfortable life and get us more leisure time from routine jobs and tasks.
  • If we really understand what we learn then it will be more easy to put it in practice.
  • You can manage better your time,energy,talent and experience and also money as the
  • Money is required for everything under the sun.
  • Only God given AIR is free, SPACE is free, OXYGEN is free from the TREES,WATER is free.
  • LIGHT AND WARMTH FREE.All these are FREE, if you do not pollute them,contaminate them and do not adulterate.
  • We never THANK  the nature or God for the countless Blessings from Him.
  • Think for a second what will happen to you if there is no air, no oxygen, no light, no warmth, no water and no space.
  • Count your blessings oh!Man!
  • please visit when time permits.

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Arts and Science Exhibition.(ASEN)

  1. Many schools conduct young budding artists and scientists exhibition.
  2. Those run for one or two days and forgotten.
  3. The trouble the children took , the energy  they have given.,the time they have spent all are forgotten.
  4. Then those items which they have prepared find no place anywhere in the school premises.
  5. If any school has cared for these things and having them at least in one corner of the premises,such schools may please forgive us.
  6. Child is the father of the man.His/her brain is very very fresh and can think a lot of innovations.
  7. Sometimes the media takes notice of this and presents in the news an extra -ordinary item.
  8. Then there is an end there itself.
  9. Some poor boy .who is studying in 10th std, and also in 8th Std. finds something new and he gets the medals and awards which are kept on the mat on the floor of the hut/Cottage.
  10. These days the children are very intelligent and they absorb many things faster. Give an iphone,i pad or any new gadget they will immediately find how to operate.
  11. I wish those children are to be helped to proceed with their RESEARCH and to become the valuable contributor to art and science.
  12. We have many actors/actresses and others who are very rich .
  13. They can,if they wish, sponsor the real budding artist and scientist and make their life complete as a productive and creative citizen of India.
  14. wishes all the budding artists and scientists to still continue their efforts and be a part of productive and creative INDIA.
  15. A permanent research centre(PRC) can be constructed in each state and those items can be exhibited therein 
  16.  as a tourist centre and with an entrance fee of Rs. 25/- or any reasonable fee to help the budding artist and scientist in their lines of endeavor.
  17. Hearty best wishes  and thanks in advance for those magnanimous broad hearts who kindly supports these ideas and implement them soon for the prosperity of India.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Making a Blog

  • I like to thank profusely the to allow me to make Blogs useful to all readers and I am thankful to God for giving me this golden opportunity to be of help to all.
  • Step for blog Making: 1.Get one gmail
  • In Google chrome, you have one Icon
  • Place your mouse on that and enter.
  • You get this kind of blog space.
  • No need for HTML. Type as I am typing now.
  • It is very easy. Even a child of age six can do this these days.
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Let us learn:English is easy to learn.
  • and
  • these sites too you can visit at your free time.
  • Everything is easy if you learn with enthusiasm and keen interest.
  • That will bring you real happiness after having done something worthwhile and for your satisfaction.
  • With Lots of love and blessings to all who like to Blog and spend their time creatively and positively.

Saturday, 13 October 2018


  • Let us learn some tenses. but be not tensed.It is very easy.
  • Simple present tense. I play football. ( active)
  • Know here play is a transitive verb. It has an object .football.
  • In passive voice the object becomes the subject.
  • The football is played by me.
  • Present continuous: I am playing football.(active)
  • The football is being played by me.(passive)
  • Present Perfect: I have played football.(active)
  • The football has been played by me.(passive)
  • present perfect continuous: I have been playing football.( active)
  • You cannot make this into passive voice.
  • Simple past tense: I played football.( Active)
  • The football was played by me.(Passive)
  • past continuous: I was playing football.(active)
  • The foot ball was being played by me.(passive)
  • Past perfect: I had played football.(active)
  • The football had been played by me.(passive)
  • Past perfect continuous: I had been playing football.(active)
  • This cannot be changed to passive voice.
  • Simple future: I will play football.(active)
  • The football will be played by me.(passive)
  • future continuous: I will be playing football.(active)
  • This cannot be made into passive voice.
  • Future perfect: I will have played football.(active)
  • The football will have been played by me( passive )
  • Future perfect continuous: I will have been playing football.(active)
  • This cannot be changed into passive voice.
  • Note carefully .There are twelve sentences in the active voice and only 8 sentences are there in Passive voice.
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • for a change: A boy was asked to change the voice for this sentence.
  • The dog bites me.Active.
  • I bite the dog.Active or passive.
  • The right answer is I am bitten by the dog.
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • When he was asked to change the voice, The dog bites me..He changed his voice to a girl's voice and repeated the sentence.
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To change the active sentence to passive voice ,the sentence must have a transitive verb.Transitive verb will have an object.
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • The horse runs fast. where is the object? so runs is an intransitive verb.
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • please take this into consideration'

Wednesday, 3 October 2018


To learn English , the beautiful language, you have
 to Like, Love and Live with the language.
It is the easiest language to express anything,with the help of
  • alphabet (26 )                   AEIOU- VOWELS
  • ( 5)
  •  2+6 =8
  • A B C D E F G
  •  H I J K L M N 
  • O P Q R S T U 
  • V W X Y Z.
  • with these letters , we can make words.
  • Think each letter is a flower.
  • You have to make words with these letters.
  • Then you have to join all the words. 
  • It will become  a garland. 
  • You have to use a thread to tie them.
  •  That is the formation of the sentence. 
  • Language can be expressed by sign or action or in writing.
  • You cannot put this garland unless you tie both the ends.
  • That is the main thing.That is the action word or the verb.
  • in the 26 letters 5 are called Vowels. The rest of them are called Consonants.
  • Vowels and consonants make a word.
  • When there is a word /esp. a noun starting with a,e,i,o,u then you have to use the article AN.
  • EXAMPLE: An ant was sitting on an egg.
  • That was near the ice-cream.So the ant left the egg and wanted to eat the ice-cream.An owl saw that .The ant took an umbrella to cover himself from the owl and save himself.
  • an ant, an egg, an ice-cream, an owl and an umbrella.
  • We will know more about definite and indefinite articles in our next meeting.
  • We make now some sentences.
  • An ant wanted to have a grain of rice.
  • It searched here and there.
  •  He saw the grain of rice near an egg.
  •  It came near that.
  • But when he saw the ice-cream,he changed his mind.
  • He longed to have an ice-cream for a long time.
  •  An orange was also near the ice-cream.
  • All these were lying near an umbrella.
  • Blessings and best wishes.

Domains checking oct.3rd 2018

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Rao's Easy English Grammar

  1. What are nouns? They are naming words. 
  2.  Referring to: persons,places,living and non-living things and sometimes feelings and emotions
  3. .How can they be classified?
  4. as Proper Nouns: Name of a person: Abraham Lincoln
  5. Name of a place: Washington.
  6. Name of a thing: Statue of Liberty.
  7. Name of  a lake: Lake Superior.
  8. Remember: All these words start with a capital letter.
  9. As Common nouns:Jeans,spectacles,clothes, scissors they can be used only in plural forms.
  10. How can we divide common nouns?as countable nouns and uncountable nouns.
  11. Examples for countable nouns:fingers,hands,stars,flowers,
  12. uncountable nouns:milk,sugar, gold, air, sand
  13. Give examples for Abstract nouns; ideas, troubles.lies  which you cannot see or touch.
  14. Give examples for Concrete nouns: book,pencil,eraser, dog, man, building. you can touch or see.
  15. Give examples for collective nouns: school, gang,bunch, flock.
  16. Give examples for uncountable abstract nouns: love, hatred,kindness, darkness.
  17. to know more in detail: 
  18. refer:
  20. Find out for yourself:
  21. Milk- you can touch and see so ------------noun.
  22. building-         you can see and touch so----------noun.
  23. silver-              you can see and is a ----------noun and uncountable noun.
  24. iron  ----------------------------------noun.
  25. time-------------------noun.
  26. Make these words into abstract nouns:
  27. good,honest, real, short,deep, slave, enemy, friend, sister, king, using these suffixes. y,age, th, ery, ity, ship, hood.dom,ness 
  28. Luggage,furniture are always in plural.
  29. Examples for concrete nouns: beach, rain,shoulder, cathedral, people, world, food, watch, 
  30. Examples for abstract nouns: vacation, pleasant, happy,'pain, beauty, hunger, time, love, 
  31. Examples for Abstract nouns: purity, honesty, length,'brotherhood, friendship, patience, hatred, racism,
  32. is trousers singular or plural?
  33. is information singular or plural?
  34. Learn Singular and plural forms of all nouns.
  36. Try all these,if you need any help contact:
  38. Blessings and best wishes,