Tuesday, 1 October 2013

know Bhagawat Geetha

  1. Yath karoshi yadhasnasi,
  2. yath juhosi dhadhasi yath,
  3. Yath tapasyasi kowntheya
  4. Thath kurushwa madharpanam.
  5. OH!Kunti's son!
  6. Whatever you do,
  7. Whatever you eat,
  8. What ever you offer into the fire,
  9. What ever you give,
  10. What austerities you practise,
  11. DEDICATE the same as an
  12. Offering to me
  13. With a clear notion
  14. That you are not an independent agent,
  15. And that all acts are prompted
  16. by God and therefore
  17. They are to be rendered to HIM