Monday, 29 July 2013

Two friends and the pedestrian

  • Two friends were walking on the road,
  • They found the gold chain on the road,
  • One said" I only found it".
  • The other said,"I only found it first".
  • They quarrelled with one another about owning the chain,
  • When they had not gone far,
  • A man approached them,
  • He asked them who has the chain 
  • Which he had lost,
  • He also called them "the thieves",
  • One said that was with the friend,
  • The other said that was with his friend,
  • They finally had to part with the chain,
  • Which belonged to the pedestrian.

  • use of other,another and one another.
  • This is my pen.The other one is my friend's.
  • Please give me another pen because there is  no ink in this pen.
  • We will help one another that way we can both do our work.

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