Wednesday, 3 October 2018


To learn English , the beautiful language, you have
 to Like, Love and Live with the language.
It is the easiest language to express anything,with the help of
  • alphabet (26 )                   AEIOU- VOWELS
  • ( 5)
  •  2+6 =8
  • A B C D E F G
  •  H I J K L M N 
  • O P Q R S T U 
  • V W X Y Z.
  • with these letters , we can make words.
  • Think each letter is a flower.
  • You have to make words with these letters.
  • Then you have to join all the words. 
  • It will become  a garland. 
  • You have to use a thread to tie them.
  •  That is the formation of the sentence. 
  • Language can be expressed by sign or action or in writing.
  • You cannot put this garland unless you tie both the ends.
  • That is the main thing.That is the action word or the verb.
  • in the 26 letters 5 are called Vowels. The rest of them are called Consonants.
  • Vowels and consonants make a word.
  • When there is a word /esp. a noun starting with a,e,i,o,u then you have to use the article AN.
  • EXAMPLE: An ant was sitting on an egg.
  • That was near the ice-cream.So the ant left the egg and wanted to eat the ice-cream.An owl saw that .The ant took an umbrella to cover himself from the owl and save himself.
  • an ant, an egg, an ice-cream, an owl and an umbrella.
  • We will know more about definite and indefinite articles in our next meeting.
  • We make now some sentences.
  • An ant wanted to have a grain of rice.
  • It searched here and there.
  •  He saw the grain of rice near an egg.
  •  It came near that.
  • But when he saw the ice-cream,he changed his mind.
  • He longed to have an ice-cream for a long time.
  •  An orange was also near the ice-cream.
  • All these were lying near an umbrella.
  • Blessings and best wishes.

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