Friday, 26 October 2018

know more learn more understand for better

  • As long as you live in this world. as long as you breathe, with every breath, there is something going on developing in any corner of the world, we must go on knowing more not for showing off to others ,but to inform, if they like to hear and know more.
  • Each and every second, we go on learning new things which help us to lead a better and comfortable life and get us more leisure time from routine jobs and tasks.
  • If we really understand what we learn then it will be more easy to put it in practice.
  • You can manage better your time,energy,talent and experience and also money as the
  • Money is required for everything under the sun.
  • Only God given AIR is free, SPACE is free, OXYGEN is free from the TREES,WATER is free.
  • LIGHT AND WARMTH FREE.All these are FREE, if you do not pollute them,contaminate them and do not adulterate.
  • We never THANK  the nature or God for the countless Blessings from Him.
  • Think for a second what will happen to you if there is no air, no oxygen, no light, no warmth, no water and no space.
  • Count your blessings oh!Man!
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