Thursday, 1 August 2013

practice english 1

  1. Good Morning! 
  2. Good Morning!
  3. May I come In ,sir?
  4. Yes.
  5. What can I do for you?
  6. I want to speak in English.
  7. Is it easy to learn?
  8. is.
  9. When do we start?
  10. Shall we start tomorrow?
  11. yes,Why not?
  12. What time shall I come?
  13. Can  you come at 6 in the morning?
  14. sorry,May I come at 7? Is it o.k?
  15. Yes. sharp at 7.
  16. What's your name?
  17. Ram
  18. From where are you coming?
  19. From Gandhipuram.
  20. Do you have your cell number?
  21. yes. 98980-98980
  22. That's nice.
  23. O.k.sir bye -bye
  24. See you tomorrow.
  25. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  26. May I come in sir?
  27. Yes.
  28. Thanks.
  29. Why are you late?
  30. I got up late,sir.
  31. Why?
  32. We all went to a movie last night.
  33. Which movie?
  34. Singam II
  35. How was the movie?
  36. Very nice.
  37. Why?
  38. Nice story, too many fights, 4 songs.
  39. Which song did you like?
  40. vaa,vaa,vaa ennai parkaa vaa,vaa.
  41. What is the meaning of that?
  42. come,come,come to see me,come, come.
  43. so you went  and spent your time and money.
  44. Is that so?
  45. No.We all wanted to see the new theatre and this good movie.
  46. O.k.that's nice.
  47. Have you brought your notebook ?
  48. yes. let's start.
  49. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  50. Write down in the first page.
  51. "" What I start,I will surely finish"
  52. Or else I will not start.""
  53. "" It is possible, I can,I will, and I must.""
  54. Today is a wonderful day.
  55. Every day has 86400 seconds.
  56. I will utilise every second in doing 
  57. something really positive and constructive.
  58. so be let it be done.
  59. God bless us all.
  60. Have a nice day.
  61. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

stories for my darlings 3

  1. Who was sent to take care of the sheep?  a boy.
  2. Why was he bored? he was tired of watching them
  3. What did he plan to do? He wanted to have some fun.
  4. What happened when he shouted"wolf,wolf"?
  5. All the villagers over there came with the sticks to drive the wolf away.
  6. Why were they angry? Because there was no wolf and the boy only told them a lie.
  7. What happened the next day ?
  8. The real wolf came and it took away one of the sheep .When he shouted  that time""wolf,wolf" no one came.
  9. What punishment did he get at home?
  10. He was nicely beaten.

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stories for my darlings-2

  1. What did the wolf see in the forest? A donkey.
  2. Why did he want to eat the donkey? because he was very hungry.
  3. What did the wolf do? It came near the donkey.
  4. What idea did the donkey think of? Pretending as if he had a thorn in its foot.
  5. When the wolf came very near,what did the donkey tell the wolf? That he had a thorn in his hind foot , and he was afraid that if the wolf would eat it, the thorn would get stuck in ( its) wolf's throat.
  6. What did the wolf do?
  7. It went behind the donkey and tried to remove the thorn.
  8. What did the donkey do?
  9. It used all its full strength and gave a very hard kick.
  10. What did the wolf do?
  11. It ran away in full speed.
  12. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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