Friday, 26 October 2018

Arts and Science Exhibition.(ASEN)

  1. Many schools conduct young budding artists and scientists exhibition.
  2. Those run for one or two days and forgotten.
  3. The trouble the children took , the energy  they have given.,the time they have spent all are forgotten.
  4. Then those items which they have prepared find no place anywhere in the school premises.
  5. If any school has cared for these things and having them at least in one corner of the premises,such schools may please forgive us.
  6. Child is the father of the man.His/her brain is very very fresh and can think a lot of innovations.
  7. Sometimes the media takes notice of this and presents in the news an extra -ordinary item.
  8. Then there is an end there itself.
  9. Some poor boy .who is studying in 10th std, and also in 8th Std. finds something new and he gets the medals and awards which are kept on the mat on the floor of the hut/Cottage.
  10. These days the children are very intelligent and they absorb many things faster. Give an iphone,i pad or any new gadget they will immediately find how to operate.
  11. I wish those children are to be helped to proceed with their RESEARCH and to become the valuable contributor to art and science.
  12. We have many actors/actresses and others who are very rich .
  13. They can,if they wish, sponsor the real budding artist and scientist and make their life complete as a productive and creative citizen of India.
  14. wishes all the budding artists and scientists to still continue their efforts and be a part of productive and creative INDIA.
  15. A permanent research centre(PRC) can be constructed in each state and those items can be exhibited therein 
  16.  as a tourist centre and with an entrance fee of Rs. 25/- or any reasonable fee to help the budding artist and scientist in their lines of endeavor.
  17. Hearty best wishes  and thanks in advance for those magnanimous broad hearts who kindly supports these ideas and implement them soon for the prosperity of India.

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